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Bioglitter 2 color Set – Silver and Red

The plastic-free Glitter is biodegradable made from eucalyptus cellulose. The bioglitter is available in 3 different sizes, fine dust, coarse and large hexagons.


It is skin-friendly and can also be used as decoration or for handcrafting.

Be creative:

• Eco-friendly body-, hair- and face-make-up and body painting

• Biodegradable craft ideas and professional artworks and gift idea

• Dressing up sustainability on Halloween, fancy dress parties and festivals

Biodegradable glitter 2 Set: Silver and Red

SKU: 0005d
  • Bioglitter is not dissolvable in water, but biodegradable. This means that the glitter naturally breaks down by the sun, water, bacteria and microorganisms. Similar to a leaf that falls apart on the forest ground in autumn and turns into humus. It is best to dispose of it in your compost or organic waste.)

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