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Our Story

Who are we?

C4ward is a small private label business located in Berlin. Germany. We deal with eco-friendly and sustainable products in categories like beauty, home, and kitchen. Every product we produce and the market falls is in line with our ideals being "earthwise", biodegradable, and packaged from sustainable material. We provide an unmatched online shopping service, making the procurement of our products a stress-free process by delivering straight to our customer's homes.



Why C4ward?


The Earth is our home, and it is up to us to do all in our power to protect and preserve it. That is why C4ward came into existence. To provide products wherein the entire life-cycle of such goods from production to consumption are eco-friendly. We are here to support cleaning up the planet by making significant changes in the products we supply our customers. It is how we reduce the negative impact on the environment.


Through our business, we sensitise the people on how the little actions of each individual can make a mighty difference in the long run. Imagine what would happen if every person adequately disposed of their waste. It would immediately make our environment much cleaner. If we can turn one person, we can turn ten, then a hundred, then a thousand. Showing the people different tricks and methods that might look insignificant, but when practised by over a million people, can cause a massive change.


We encourage people to make well-informed and smart choices in their lifestyle that can help affect the positive change desired; like how to properly dispose of various waste and provide better alternative options that help in reducing our carbon footprint levels. We completely understand how difficult it is juggling our busy lifestyles and having to make the crucial choices that can help reduce the effect in the environment, so we provide a platform where we help you make those decisions that help protect the Earth.



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All Videos

What's Our Promise?
At C4ward, our word is our bond. We vow to consistently build our ongoing work in reducing the environmental impact on the planet. Putting our resources where our mouth is, we promise to continue to improve our products using manufacturing techniques that involve more zero-chemical processes and the utilisation of new, innovative material.



Why are we different?

What sets us apart from others is that we put our customers and the environment first. Selling our products comes secondary to empowering people to make informed decisions on their purchasing lifestyle.

Helping you to eliminate excesses and unnecessary things from their day-to-day purchases and lifestyles that are detrimental to the environment, e.g., by teaching them where you can make things themselves like creating household products instead of buying pre-packaged goods.

Educating the consumers on how they can manage their spending to help eliminate practices that create mountains of non-biodegradable/biodegradable waste that have not been disposed of properly. 

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