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Florida, USA

I have been using these lights to bike to work early in the morning when it is mostly dark out. I admit I was worried about purchasing this type of product online, as I just got into biking and am unfamiliar with what I needed. I did look at my states requirements, and purchased these as they met the statute. The front light is VERY powerful, and has a bright, less bright, and blink setting. I had it on the brightest setting when biking, and ended up positioning it on the center of my handlebars.

Boston, MA

This waist pack is comfortable, roomy, and looks great. I appreciate the quality materials that were used and the many thoughtful touches. For the retail price, I think you get a lot for your money. I expect it will hold up to lots of wear.

Northern NJ

This pack is great. I have no complaints. I was looking for something big enough for my iPhone 6s Plus, light enough that I wanted to carry it, and slim enough that I didn't feel like I was wearing a traditional fanny pack. It's neoprene on the face with an elastic strap and plastic toggle. The larger pocket has two Mash sections inside and a clip for keys. The smaller front pack is big enough for pens or money. I didn't realize there was a section for your earphones, but that's a nice feature.

Upper Bucks County, PA

These are so cool. I was surprised how well they held up to a hot pot coming right off the store. I placed the pot on the counter to use my mixer with and it held a night grip on the surface as well as the pot so I could put my mixer on a high speed. I did not expect them to be so versatile. The were cool to the touch instantly after removing the hot pot. I felt secure letting my child handle them in the kitchen. I used a discount code towards the purchase and did not expect them to be so inexpensive to start. There are a perfect addition to my kitchen tools. They are nice and small and easy to store in a drawer.

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